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How to select Motor for your Drone

This article explains the method to select an appropriate motor  To get your drone airborne, you need the right amount of thrust from its motor. Use the steps below to calculate the required amount of thrust and choose the right engine to support your drone. Step 1:  Determine the weight of the drone. Double the drone’s weight in order to calculate the minimum amount of thrust you’ll need from a motor. Step 2:  Add 20% to that total to ensure that your drone will be able to hover. For example, if the weight of your drone is 1 500 grams, you’ll need 3 000 grams of thrust to get it off the ground, plus 600 additional grams to get it to hover. The number you come up with is your thrust total. Step 3:  Divide your thrust total by the number of motors the drone requires. If your thrust total is 3 600 grams and your drone is a quadcopter, you’ll need 900 grams of thrust per motor. Step 4:  Browse motors online or in stores. Each motor should list the amount of thrust it provides. This thrust

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